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A New Economic Model. Discuss.

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Karen spotted this article recently from the New Economics Institute.

Here’s how it starts out:

The critical role for economic theory is no longer simply to explain how the existing system works, but also to explore how the economic system can be changed to become more adaptive and resilient in the face of the challenges of the 21st century, and how it can be more directly designed to support human well-being, in the present and the future.  Simultaneous changes are needed, in both the actual economy (how it functions, by what rules, how it can be made responsive to constraints) and also in economic theory.

Well, that hits the nail on the head, doesn’t it?

Read the entire article.

Responses happening over in the forum.

Creating Conversation

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We’re busy planning and talking and pounding the pavement so The Resilient Businesses Summit will give you the best opportunity to give you what you need to create conversation and find proactive minds.

But…we need your help!

Tell us what you want to talk about. We’re splitting the day into intimate round table discussions based on what you tell us you need.

First step, become a member of this site.  Look to the right of your screen and you’ll see the member-join area.

Step two, look in the Groups section for Summit Topics.  Join up and join the conversation!

Register for Resilient Businesses Small Business Summit in Holyoke, United States  on Eventbrite

Get Talkin’

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Our Small Businesses Summit is in the works for November 13 in Holyoke.

We need your input because we’re planning the event based on what you want.  Here’s your chance to tell us what your Small Business needs to be Resilient.

Joining the discussion is free and easy.  Just register for this site and you can set up your profile, create a group, and join a discussion.

You can register for the Summit at our event registration. Tickets are $25 and give you access to networking, discussion, and action planning with the brightest minds and small business owners in Western Mass.

By registering (for free) to join the pre-summit conversation, you are not automatically registered for the Summit.  You must register for the summit here.

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